Thursday, March 12, 2009

Give me a home...

amongst the gum trees... actually any trees would be nice! So herein starts the process of building our dream home. For the uninitiated, or those that chose to tune out everytime we've spoken about it, Chris and I are in the process of building Plantation Homes "Empire" design home. For those familiar with Plantation designs we are building the very original floor plan. Anyway our contract is due to be moved into "production" stage on the 30th April 2009 - we are just impatiently waiting for our mortgage documents to arrive!

Our block of land is at Narangba which is on the north side of brisbane. It's a 953m2 battle-axe block - here's our contour survey. It's the last block in the street and we were lucky to get it for a steal at $185,000. The fencing was already there from the houses around us which is great! The only down side to the block is the rail line which is after the street behind us. Fortunately they have built a 2.6m acoustic fence and in addition to the laminated windows we are installing we should be sound proof!

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